A Timeless Journey

A timeless journey.jpg

At the age of 16 I began an incredible journey into the bliss of the person, Jesus. When this journey began, a grace was released over my life to experience the love of God through prophetic encounters. After eight years of visions, dreams and heavenly encounters, I felt like the Lord spoke to me and told me to write a book in story form about some of the things that I had experienced.

I believe that my book, “A Timeless Journey,” is a prophetic message to the church concerning what the heart of God is beating for in this time. I have received numerous testimonies from people who have received profound inner healing and freedom while reading this book. I have sowed many laughs and tears while writing this book, and I pray that you receive a touch from the heart of God through it.

A Timeless Journey is a call to the sons and daughters of God to receive their full inheritance, which is to walk in a never-ending, intimate relationship with God Himself.

God is calling His church to remember their first love, and to come to a revelation of their identity by encountering the love of God in the secret place. As we encounter the intimate love of God the Father, the chaff of orphanship is burned away revealing victorious sons and daughters who will bring healing and transformation to the nations.