Full Syllabus

Track 1 - School of the Heart

God desires to lead every one of us into health and wholeness in our soul. He longs for us to walk in victory from fear, insecurity, anxiety and self hatred, by embracing a revelation of kingdom identity as sons and daughters of God. 

Demystifying Spiritual Warfare

The spirit realm around us is very real. Holy Spirit wants to equip us to understand our place in the spiritual battle taking place. He wants to show us how to stand as victors; as royalty in His kingdom. 

The Family of God

The model of government that God has chosen for the church is family. God never created us to live out a lifestyle of isolation; He has fashioned us for kingdom relationships. He wants to surround each of us with those who will champion, affirm and hold us accountable.

Understanding the Realm of the Soul

Track 2 - Prophetic Ministry 101 (Beginner)

We are living in a time where God is restoring the heart of the prophetic ministry back to the church. He is raising up a people who are attuned to the whisper of His voice. He is calling us as children of God who not only know how to hear His voice, but know how to speak his word throughout the nations.

The Language of the Spirit

We are living in a season where God is broadening the Church's understanding of how He speaks. Holy Spirit is continually speaking to us. He speaks through visions, dreams, numbers, angels and many other ways. He wants to equip us to be attuned to the many expressions of His voice. 

The Four Revelatory Gifts

The four revelatory gifts are prophecy, words of knowledge, messages of wisdom and discerning of spirits. In this lesson we will learn about the difference and function of each gift. God wants us equipped with as many tools as possible to advance His kingdom on the earth. 

The Foundation of the Prophetic Ministry

Track 3 - The Secret Place

The greatest investment we can ever make is to throw ourselves into knowing God as a friend. God is releasing an invitation to every one of us to know Him deeply, passionately and intimately.


Every one of us has a prophetic destiny written over our lives. We are called to greatness. However, no great calling or destiny is attained without seasons of training equipping and learning to be hidden in the Lord.

The Fear of the Lord

Scripture calls us to examine our hearts. God wants to establish within us Godly character, integrity and a healthy soul, so we can live out the full expression of who we are created to be. 

Friendship with God

Track 4 - Prophetic Ministry 102 (Intermediate)

Our lives are made up of many different seasons that we live out with the Lord. Knowing how to discern each helps us to position ourselves to receive what Jesus wants to do in and through us for each season of life. 

Pitfalls of the Prophetic

There are several pitfalls that highly prophetic people can have a tendency of slipping into. However, Holy Spirit wants us to walk as healthily as we possibly can. With the guidance of Holy Spirit, we can learn to avoid and overcome the pitfalls of the prophetic ministry.

Dreams and Dream Interpretation

God wants to continually speak to us, even while we sleep. In this lesson, we will learn how dreams are Biblical and about several different types of dreams we can have.

Discerning our Seasons

The 5 Pillars of Dream Interpretation

It is impossible for us to accurately interpret dreams on our own, We need to help of Holy Spirit. In this lesson, we will learn how to partner with Holy Spirit to interpret our dreams. 

Track 5 - Kingdom School

God has amazing plans for our lives. They aren't plans for us to simply survive; they are plans that we will see the expression of heaven in and through us. The kingdom of heaven is a very real pace, and God is calling us to be a bridge to bring it to earth. 

Receiving From the Five-Fold Ministry

God has appointed apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to train and equip the church. in this teaching, we will learn the function of each of these five-fold offices and how God desires them to impact our lives.

Seven Keys to Longevity

God doesn't want us to rise simply to fall. He wants us to last with longevity. In this lesson we will be looking at seven keys to longevity, so we can live out the full expression of who we are created to be. 

The Kingdom of Heaven

The Legacy of Personal Stewardship

Sometimes we forget that how we steward our personal revelation from the Lord doesn't only impact us; it impacts everyone around us. God wants to shift us from a mentality of lack to a mindset of legacy.